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Where Have I Been? Cover and Title Reveals!

Sincere Saturday!

It has been almost a month since my last post, and for that I am truly sorry.

Life has been unusually rebellious lately and we are finally getting to the top of this hurtle. It is just taking a little longer than normal. (I was never good at P.E. anyway…)

Fret not! I have still been working on bookish things including The Hunters (The Watchers #2)… as well as a few other titles in my absence.

I am here to announce my 2015+ lineup of books (tentatively… I tend to get carried away…) and to let you, dear readers, know what I have been up to in general. Read on for title announcements, cover reveals, and general book stuff!

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Books, The Little Things

All The Things That Make Up Life & Addressing Romance In YA

Terrifying Tuesday.

Ok. So it’s not Halloween anymore. I get that. But I had to…

I haven’t been getting much any writing done as of late, until yesterday. I’ve had a ton of life stuff going on (this has been the most hectic fall to date), and writing had slipped a little in my priorities. Fear not! The Hunters is still going strong. Continue reading

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Too Many Projects, Not Enough Time…

Well-to-do Wednesday

It’s a stretch, I know.

It’s been one of those weeks.

I have been flooded with inspiration this last week. The story writing god/angel/spirit/rock/whatever has delivered upon me a bounty of story ideas.

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Sneak Peek #1 of The Hunters (The Watchers #2)

Fiction Friday!

Hey everyone! I’m thinking of trying out a new thing on Fridays where I post a little section from a current work-in-progress. Who knows if it will stick? I thought it might be fun! Continue reading


Giveaway: The Watchers By J A Glass

Enter to win a copy of The Watchers!

Only 2 available! U.S. Only

Novelty Books

J A Glass is being a wonderful person by offering two lucky people to read and review her book The Watchers.


The Colony. Perfect. Safe. Wholesome. 

Not a single violent crime since its creation. People are given jobs based on their skills, housed in Quarters to cultivate the success of like-minded individuals, protected from disorder and the radiation beyond the walls by The Watcher Initiative. 
The entry fee? A simple surgery. 
Implants behind your eyes ensure your safety, monitor those you come into contact with. 

Dr. Ellimeaux Edin is one of many who provides these implants. Fresh from school and ready to start her life she is tasked with implanting a little girl, far too young for the procedure. 
Her choice will shatter her perception and change her life 

In the colony,
What you see can change everything…

Paperback, 432 pages

Published June 13th 2014 by Glass Books

a Rafflecopter…

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